Together with HaJo Liese I (Till Kopper) team up as EL-KA. We play 1976-1977 like TD music 100% live. And we mainly improvise everything.

Here are some of my tracks for you to download as .mp3 files

Track Year Duration Click these

ModsArt-2018 Session Till's Solo
Live improvised sessions on one synth (ARP 2600 clone TTSH) and one analogue step sequencer (ARP sequencer clone) and Schulte Compact Phaser FX (J. Haible clone)
Recorded via microphone (sorry). And a train passing by from 2:45 on.
4:48 [Download 11.5 MB]

Waldorf WAVE and two Modulus MonoWaves used here
(7th January)
5:20 [Download 7.4 MB]

(unfinished track I just had to record to remember what I came up with)
(mid December)
5:09 [Download 7.1 MB]
Mother Nature
Waldorf RackAttack + Q strings and lead. ARPs are played by two different setting of MonoWaves receiving exactly the same notes as the Q strings.
(25th September)
5:09 [Download 7.1 MB]

Boele "SCD" Gerkes, Georg "the swiss doctor" Müller and Till "Qwave" Kopper during a little freaky weekend session
(10th November)
6:58 [Download 6.4 MB]
Boele "SCD" Gerkes and Till "Qwave" Kopper during a little freaky weekend session.
(9th November)
5:26 [Download 5.0 MB]

Played on my yellow Q as part of an Instrumental track later being performed live at a special church service after the sermon
(9th November)
1:20 [Download 1.3 MB]
See You
All you hear is a single Waldorf WAVE+16
1999 3:00 [Download 2.8 MB]
All you hear is a single Waldorf WAVE+16
The sound was created by Peter "Wizzo" Gorges
1999 0:38 [Download 0.6 MB]

No Sense - Nonsense
A Klaus Schulze tribute (rejected for the Klaus Schulze Tribute CD)
Waldorf WAVE, Moog Prodigy, Roland TR606
(12th July)
7:20 [Download 6:8 MB]

Grooving the Dream (Waldorf Cut)
Made for a never materialized Waldorf-User CD Project
(21st June)
2:46 [Download 2.6 MB]
Guess what the track name stands for :-)
(28th April)
3:52 [Download 3.6 MB]
Fuge (shortened)
from Toccata und Fuge in d-moll BWV 565),
by Johann Sebastian Bach
Using only a WAVE (incl. drums)
(17th March)
3:18 [Download 3.0 MB]

PPG wave 2.3 and waveterm B playing the sequences using the PPG sound library.
Except for the voice ("Fazination") which is a self made sample.
??? (deleted the name because of a request by this person) came up with the tabla sequence. An I mangled it into the waveterms cryptic waveterm sequencer.
1990 2:10 [Download 2.0 MB]
Aboriginies' Land
I came up with this idea when my very first girl friend quit on phone. We phoned a long time (as usual) while I was sitting at the keyboard support (PPG wave 2.2 and 2.3, Minimoog, cheap Alesis reverb).
Later I rerecorded it several times till I got the right mood again.
1989+90 7:38 [Download 3.6 MB]

PPG wave 2.2, Minimoog being played by the EEH DS500 hybrid monophonic sequenzer, Boss DR-220E drum machine and my old digital delay and reverb
1989 4:06 [Download 3.8 MB]

PPG wave 2.2 + 2.3 + waveterm B, Minimoog and the Boss DR-220E drum machine (ROM Simmon samples)
1988 2:43 [Download 2.5 MB]

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