MicroWave Manuals

Thanks to Wolfram Franke, who found the old Calamus files in the attic and to invers Software, who is offering a PC version of Calamus for free 30 day trial, I was able to (re-)create the full set of MicroWave documentation as PDF files.

Some restrictions apply:




Performance Manual (4,797 kB)
Programming Manual (5,291 kB)
Firmware 1.20 Addendum (796 kB)
Firmware 1.20 Addendum Appendix (398 kB)
Firmware 1.25 Addendum (107 kB)
Waldorf Safety Instructions (50 kB)
Addendum V2.0 Software-Update (6,723 kB)


Performance Manual (4,773 kB)
Programming Manual (7,008 kB)
Firmware 1.25 Addendum (115 kB)
Waldorf Safety Instructions (43 kB)